garage door sensor repair sherman oaks ca

Garage Door Sensor Repair Sherman Oaks, Ca

garage door sensor repair sherman oaks ca

Sherman Oaks Expert Garage Door Repair– Garage Door Sensor Repair by Electronic Experts

garage door sensor repair sherman oaks ca Garage door sensors are one of the most complex components of the garage door system. They serve as the safety mechanisms to ensure that nothing is in the way of the garage door before it closes.

The sensor works by sensing the presence of its twin in the opposite position across the garage door opening, and just up from the garage floor.

Simple Yet Sophisticated

Close to the garage floor is the best position to place the sensor, as not much can get past it in the way of obstacles. It’s mounted high enough for the clearance of a car to not be an issue, and low enough for it to ‘see’ most objects that would cause a problem for the garage door if it closed on them.

However, the problem is that sensors regularly have is that they can get misaligned with each other. If one sensor cannot see the signal from the other, then the entire system cannot operate, and the garage door stays in the raised position. This is the simple sophistication behind the sensor system.

Tracing the Fault

Often, the garage door sensor simply needs some realignment. However, as the electronic chain of components includes both the motor and the garage door opener, the problem could be in either of the other components. Electronic keypad & Lock.

If you have any type of a fault or operational problem with electronic components of your garage door system, you should definitely call in a professional. They will be able to trace the fault and isolate the problem in the faulty component.

At Sherman Oaks Garage Expert Garage Door Repair, they have the electronic technicians able to quickly track down the problem with any garage door electronic component. They’ll also have the replacement parts that you might need to solve your problem. Call them now to arrange your same-day appointment.